Can’t receive Gravatar’s emails?

Gravatar relies on sending emails for verifying ownership of email addresses.

This is verification process is particularly important in two scenarios: passwordless login and adding secondary emails.

By sending an email to the address provided we ensure that the owner of the email is the one making the request.

Basic troubleshooting

Sometimes, users may encounter issues with not receiving emails from our service. There can be a few possible causes and solutions to address this problem:

  1. Check the Spam/Junk Folder: Email providers may mistakenly mark our emails as spam. Check your spam/junk folder and mark any emails from our service as “Not Spam” to ensure future delivery.
  2. Wait and Refresh: Sometimes, there may be delays in the email delivery process. Wait for a few minutes and then refresh your inbox.
  3. Correct Email Address: Verify if the email you have entered is the correct email address.

Using your own domain?

When using your own custom domain (and email provider), there might be additional factors to consider.

First of all check if you can receive emails from other sources (try sending an email from another account or ask a friend to do it). If you can’t please talk to your email provider and review your email configuration with them.

If you can receive emails from other sources, then make sure you are checking the correct spam folder. It might be the case that you are redirecting/forwarding your email to some other account and checking spam folder on the later. Double check the spam folder in the email provider for the custom domain itself.

No luck yet? It might be interesting for you to reach out to your email provider. Since they might have more details on what might be happening.

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