Verified accounts

A verified account is a service that has been linked to a Gravatar profile using the service’s login credentials. We consider this to be “Verified” because the Gravatar user has proven they own that service’s login credentials. Verified accounts are verified at the moment they are added to the profile. We currently don’t periodically re-validate the service to ensure it still exists or is still owned by the user (in cases where an account may be taken away from a user).

What a verified account isn’t

A verified account doesn’t prove that the person is who they say they are, it just proves that the owner of the Gravatar account also owns the Verified Service account. If you trust either of the accounts to be the real person, then you can trust that they are both the real person. If one of them is a fake or spoof account, then they are likely both fake accounts.

Adding verified accounts

From the Verified accounts section of the profile editor you can pick from the list of supported services:

Once a service has been selected you will need to verify it externally by clicking the connect button. For example, here is Twitch:

A window will open asking you to login and confirm the connection. This happens outside of Gravatar and Gravatar does not have access to your account details.


Verifying a Mastadon account requires some additional steps. These are explained in the Gravatar profile editor.

To summarize:

  1. Add your Gravatar profile URL to your Mastadon profile meta data.
  2. Copy the provide verification link code into Gravatar.
  3. Verify your account

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